Manpasand Shadi

Love marriage

If we talk about love. So love is the most arrogant feeling. It is a versatile truth, each one of us loves a person. Almost once in our whole life, there is a person. To whom we love with the depth of our heart. Once in a lifetime, these kinds of feeling comprise at a high rate. Once we are loving a person with all our might a fear the comes in our mind is. I.e may I lose that one ? will he/she will leave me ?. These are the most basic fear that overcomes in our mind. once we are in love. As the majority of our denomination is if they both love each other. So you will surely desire to have manpasand shadi.

They apparently understand one other. So they are confident to say that we can approximately live with each other. Its a decision of the whole life. As it is stated that love is blind so one does not indulge in any kind of raising issues. They just commit themselves. Moreover, it’s their foremost

decision to marry one another. This phase is called

Manpasand shadi
Manpasand shadilove marriage( Manpasand shadi)


It is apparent that love is the food of our soul so each of us comes in this situation at least once in a life.


History of love marriage

The love marriage (manpasand shadi ) is an ancient denomination. The phase to love someone for marriage. Moreover to choose someone for marriage and personal reason got a startup from the 14th century. When you are totally indulged with the enriched denomination of strong attraction and hundred of emotion. So at this state, it really doesn’t matter whoever you are. Your foremost wish will be to perform (manpasand shadi ) and this sensation is leading up from centuries.

Is Manpasand Shadi haram?!!

Most of the people om our narrow-minded society. They have negative thinking that love is a sin. Love is the basic sector of a human and he/she cannot live without it. So how is it a sin? Where you can prove that love is prohibited. It is just a false saying. Love does not sin.

Even though is being a Muslim we consult our holy book. The Quran Majeed. So there is no prohibition regarding love. Love is a general sector and it’s not haram at all. I person who says that to love each other (under the desired cycle) to love somebody while staying in your limits is not haram.

Love marriage problems

It is stated that every sweet thing contains hurdles in it, Similarly, to mary, your love is not an easy renomination. Many issues, come and huddles are attained while this whole procedure. Some of them are discussed below :

  1. Parents become angry.
  2. Mother wants to marry you in your family.
  3. Your beloved one is not liked by your family.
  4. The strictness of parents.
  5. They girl family is eager to marry her and you are not established yet
  6.  The boy is not according to the desire of girls family.
  7. The girls are not beautiful according to the desire of boys family.
  8. Financial problems
  9. Family problems.

Manpasand Shadi

These are some basic sectors of  (manpasand shadi ) problems. They come in your daily life. Once your parents reject you loved one. now, this is the most troubling-some situation that takes place. In this situation, You are not able to leave anyone.   In the same manner, you loved your beloved one and you even can’t leave your beloved one. But there is always a solution. Don’t worry !!

The solution for love marriage

Keep calm !! our Allah Almighty has told us each solution. quran Pak says:-

(there is always a solution after a problem )

In the same manner, Sm Rizvi is here to solve your every kind of issue. I promise that you will surely go over the manpasand shadi. You will love a happy life with the help of manpasand shadi dua.

It is a general fact that there is great power in the name of Allah Almighty. I have been working in this field for more than 15 years. So surely you don’t need to go anywhere else. Sm Rizvi is widely trusted by its love marriage attempts. So why should you go anywhere else !!



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