Why You Must Experience ONLINE ISTIKHARA At Least Once In Your Lifetime.

Do you know what Istikhara is? Today we will describe Online Istikhara in complete detail.
According to many resources, I found one thing about Ishihara,
“Finding sort of blessing in any matter is called Istikhara”.
So if you look at this sentence you will find the answer to your question.
“If you seek the blessing from Allah, he will bless you definitely”.


If you seek guidance from Allah he will bless you definitely in any issue that Allah advise us to do.
Imam Novi (R.A) said while explaining Sahi Muslim Hadith that
“Seeking or finding advice or suggestion from Allah and from Islamic Scholars is must because generally a man is not perfect in his knowledge and its level of thinking is not mature, because it is born weaker.”
It feels confusion and ambiguity on several occasions’ weather to or not?


Objective of Istikhara

Islam is a complete code of life for every human being on earth. It guides every human being in every field of life.
Every human being on earth has to take many decisions which reflect his economy, social life and his own peace of mind. Istikhara is a legal and better way according to Sharia and more authentic method for taking advice from Allah in every field of life.
It asks blessings from Allah for routine life. It is a fruitful thing for all Muslims and in its front face because it is a legal and pure way to seek blessing from Allah.

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